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Our medical team is passionate about helping people quit smoking and will help each person find a quitting solution that works for them.

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You can start your quitting journey from anywhere at the time that best suits your schedule by booking a review slot online with an Australian Doctor in a few clicks. Complete the online medical assessment and fill your script once it has been reviewed and approved by our medical team.

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Patients can personalise their quitting journey by choosing suitable Nicotine Replacement Therapy, including Nicotine Vaping Products* for existing tobacco users.

*Eligibility for nicotine prescription is determined by the prescribing doctor.

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When it comes to quitting smoking the sooner the better. Health care plans and applicable prescriptions are emailed to you right after the review of your medical assessment so that you can get started with your quitting journey.

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Our online script assessment service provides accessible healthcare solutions.

Eligible patients receive a personalised treatment plan and a prescription within 24 hours of applying.

If we are unable to help we'll refund the script review fee in full.

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Includes: 24h Doctor Review, Treatment Plan & Prescription valid for 12 months.

Complete the online medical assessment and answer a few questions about your health and smoking history.
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Wish I could give more than 5 stars.

I want to give quit hero a huge shout out. Australia post lost my package so quit hero have sent a replacement so I can get my product asap. This is a big deal as I've been trying to quit smoking for a while now. This proves they truly care about their customers and will go above and beyond to help us. Thanks quit hero. Wish I could give more than 5 stars.
5 Stars

Fast delivery and easy process.

Have been using quit hero for a year now and they are awesome! Fast delivery and easy process. Thank you for helping me quit smoking 😁
Nick F
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5 out of 5 stars for QUIT HERO

5 out of 5 stars for QUIT HERO in terms of information, ease of web site navigation, communication, delivery time frame, and product quality. Thank you very much for your excellent service and commitment in assisting your clients as they journey toward a smoke free future. Cheers,
Chris. J.
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Always, knowledgeable and professional.

I thank you Guys for all your help/advice. Always, if I have had a query, someone has assisted. Always, knowledgeable and professional. My orders are posted promptly. Thank you.
Helen R.
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Nicotine Replacement Theraphy (NRT) at a nutshell:

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What treatment options are there to quit smoking?

Quitting smoking poses challenges, but there are effective methods to ease the process.
Non-prescription options, also referred to as 'first-line', like patches, gum, oral sprays, and lozenges provide accessible relief.
Prescription medications like bupropion or varenicline alter brain chemistry to reduce cravings.
Nicotine vaping products may also be available for eligible patients at the discretion of the prescribing doctor.
Holistic approaches like counselling, hypnotherapy, and acupuncture offer additional support.

If you are serious about quitting, it's vital to consult healthcare professionals to tailor a strategy based on individual needs and medical history.

What is NRT and how does it work?

Other than the addiction to the habit of smoking, cigarettes lead to actual physical dependence, which is why most quitting attempts fail. However, nicotine replacement therapy (NRT) can be an effective approach to quitting smoking by providing former smokers with a controlled dose of nicotine without the harmful chemicals contained in cigarettes. These methods allow people to break the smoking habits first and then gradually wean off the nicotine completely. Many studies have shown that using NRT can nearly double the chances of quitting smoking.

What is First-Line Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

First-line treatments for quitting smoking refer to regulated approaches and pharmacotherapies clinically proven to be effective. Current forms of first-line treatments supported by the RACGP include some nicotine replacement therapy options, pharmacotherapy, and counselling support. First-line NRTs include lozenges, patches, inhalators, mouth sprays and gums and are considered appropriate for most people. Some of these treatments are available for purchase without a prescription from pharmacies and grocery stores. A combination of longer-acting NRT (patches) with faster-acting formats (lozenges, gum, sprays) is recommended as a first-line treatment to quit smoking.

What is Prescription Nicotine Replacement Therapy?

Smokers ready to quit should consider first-line nicotine replacement therapies such as patches or gum first. However, should you find that these treatment options are ineffective or unsuitable for your needs, your doctor may consider prescribing pharmacotherapy or nicotine vaping products as part of your treatment plan to help you quit smoking.

Is Nicotine addictive?

Yes, nicotine is a highly addictive substance, and when a person smokes tobacco, many parts of the body get used to having nicotine in them. When first quitting, the body goes into withdrawal, making the quitting process challenging to manage with willpower alone. If you choose to quit smoking with Nicotine Replacement Therapy you should aim to gradually reduce and aim to be completely nicotine free.

Is Vaping illegal in Australia?

Vaping is legal in Australia when prescribed from a Doctor as a way to quit smoking. Starting January 2024, all nicotine vaping products, such as nicotine e-cigarettes, nicotine pods and liquid nicotine, are classified as prescription medicines and therefore can only obtainable with a prescription and purchased from a pharmacy.
If you are seeking access to nicotine vaping products in Australia via a prescription, Quit Hero can connect you with a doctor who will confirm your eligibility for this treatment option.
As there are still few studies regarding possible longer-term effects of vaping you should discuss with a doctor the risks involved with this treatment and whether vaping is right for you.

What are the risks associated with vaping?

Like most things, vaping products have inherent dangers that must be evaluated when considering this therapy.
it's important to knwo that there is still insufficient evidence on the potential long-term impacts from use. More research is required to understand the benefits vs. risks of e-cigarettes fully.
To understand these risks fully, you should always speak to a doctor.

Nicotine Prescription Eligibility*

Eligibility for nicotine prescription is determined by the prescribing doctor.